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Winning the Multiple Offer Situation

Buyers... Right now if the house you're excited about is new to market and very appealing, be prepared to be in a multiple-offer situation. Bummer, but supply isn't meeting demand. Here are a few tips to consider:
1. Disregard asking price and embrace what you would feel good about paying.
2. Look at properties under your top dollar so you don't over-spend your budget.
3. Remember that your offer isn't just about price.
4. Give me a call... I have an awesome track record for helping my clients come out on top!

Buyers, plan for patience in 2018!


With a significant shortage of inventory, our real estate market continues to be challenging for buyers. It is not uncommon for new listings to receive multiple offers! Often the offers are significantly over asking price; and we are seeing more and more cash offers which are hard to beat. Buyers should plan to be patient with themselves—and their Realtor! :) It may take writing a few offers before being successful in securing just the right home.

Market Slowdown?


At first I though it was just me... My business was very strong this spring, but recently it has cooled off quite a bit. In comparing notes with my peers I am hearing that it is NOT just me; they are experiencing the same thing. Our phones are quieting and we are seeing more and more price reductions. Now, it is entirely possible that this is just a normal August. Historically Augusts are quieter as so many are traveling and enjoying all Oregon has to offer. It will be interesting to see if September picks up again!



I have TWO unique duplexes for sale right now... The first is a Midcentury Modern on College hill for $429,000. It's kinda chic and has great views. The second is right downtown at 15th and Lincoln for $350,000. Both are well-maintained and great opportunities. Let me know what questions I can answer, or if you'd like to schedule a showing!

The market holds steady!


Many are asking... "What is the state of our current local market?" Although I am seeing the average and median prices up-tick slightly, and properties selling at a healthy rate, the market is not crazy-good. It is simply much stronger and consistent than in recent years. If you are selling, and you price right and stage well, you should sell well. If you are buying, be prepared to pay near asking prices for homes well-priced!

Staging properties for sale. More important than ever!


It has gotten so proper staging of homes for sale is almost crucial for a speedy sale, and top dollar. Staging might mean working with your own furnishings, or it might mean renting furnishings for a vacant house. In any case, well-staged homes often net 5% or more and sell quicker. The photos online are more appealing, for sure!

A Dramatic Year for Expandable Soils


The native top soils of our Willamette Valley contain a lot of clay. These are "expandable soils" which contract as they dry, and expand in the rainy season. This last summer was SO dry, that we are now seeing a number of foundations with new cracking... more than I recall in years past. Sometimes the damage is severe, often it's not. Have your house inspected. If settling has occured, you may want to call on a structural engineer to evaluate the severity, and offer sound advice for securing the structure.



RIVERFRONT TREASURE: This is a rare opportunity to own one of very few in-town Willamette River properties. It is idyllicly situated on “the bend” — a scenic stretch of waterfront. Great fishing! Sunporch and back deck provide dreamy perches to take in the views. The house is very stylish with an open floor plan and contemporary finishes. Currently configured as a luxurious 1-bedroom home, it suits one or two people beautifully. It is privately situated as the house sits back off the road with a fence and gate. Professionally landscaped front yard with diverse plantings welcomes you home! 1,408 sq.ft., 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bath. $359,000.

More to Choose from in 2014


For the last few years many who wanted to sell their house either elected to wait, or simply could not sell, due to the market downturn. This spring I am seeing a healthy amount of new listings coming to market. My phone is ringing once again with sellers getting gearing up. This is good news! Hopefully buyer demand will maintain, and indeed 2014 will be a strong year for our local real estate economy.

Ten Reasons to Buy a Brand New Home


Eugene, like much of the country, is starting to see more new construction. Why buy new? Here are ten great reasons...

Did my home value go up that much?


You've likely heard home prices are heading upward. Depending on your source, the number changes. Markets are very specific, so a nationwide figure will likely be different than Lane County's figures. And Lane County's figures may or may not apply to your house! If prices are up 12% in Lane County, your house might still have taken a slight dip in the last few months. Or, your house might be up 20% over where it would have sold a year ago! Considering selling? Give me a call.

Fall Wrap-up: is currently under redevelopment!


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