Real Estate ROCKS!

I am a FIRM believer in the power of investing in real estate. As I see it, the stock market is much like gambling. It's true you can win big in the market, over time. But you can also lose big... In fact, it's feasible you could lose it ALL! Property, on the other hand, is tangible. It is land and housing, which mankind will always need—it will always be worth SOMETHING. Even if we came into the hardest of times, it would still be tradable and could provide shelter. Having said all that, there are several other reasons why real estate ROCKS!

1. The Ability to Leverage Money

2. The Inherent Tax Advantages

3. Rental Income

4. Appreciation Over Time

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Investing in South Eugene Real Estate

South Eugene, particularly Southeast Eugene, tends to hold property values higher and more consistently than other Eugene areas. This is in large part due to the University of Oregon in SE. This said, it is also typically more expensive overall to invest here with rental properties. However, risk is reduced, and appreciation over time is more certain. I am very experienced in investing in local real estate. If you are able to invest in South Eugene Real Estate, it might be worth the extra money. Call me! We'll talk more... 541-520-2246

Investor Talk: "Cap Rate Formula / What's Your Property Worth?"

Mystified by the cap rate conversation? Totally understandable. I love-love this guy's explainations: