Tips for Sellers

The goal is obvious. Get the best deal in the shortest time possible.

The reality is that there are only three aspects of a property for sale:

1. Location

2. Condition

3. Price

Try as you might, you can't do anything about your location. That leaves you with two things you can change: Condition and Price. If you want more money, or you want to sell faster, you may be able to improve the condition of your property. Beyond that, you're only other angle is price.




Often sellers will approach their new listing like this: "We think it's worth X, because the neighbor sold for X and ours is a really great house. We'll start with X, and if it doesn't sell, we'll lower the price later."

That RARELY works. Why? Because the market is still sinking or flat! You need to stay ahead of the trend to actually get it sold. Buyers are looking for deals. When that seller goes to lower their price, they'll be lowering it to the price at which they should have started. Then, if the listing has been on the market too long, their initial buyer prospects are long gone and the listing becomes a has-been. "There must be something wrong with that house!"

This will come around in reverse at some point. In an upward market, sellers name their price just above current market value. That'll happen again when we come out of this crazy financial time.



Selling Your Home: Pre-Sale Improvements

In today’s real estate market there is a real necessity to set your property apart from the dozens of other homes that are listed in any given area. 

PAINT! There is no greater bang for your buck than painting. If you can do an excellent job yourself, terrific. If not, hire a professional. I cannot stress this enough... paint, paint, paint.

Clean, repair or replace the roof. A newer roof is one of those “make or break” points in a deal. It is a huge selling point to be able to tell buyers that the roof is new or in excellent condition.

Clean and organize the garage. So often a garage becomes a depository for huge amounts of accumulated “stuff” that has no real purpose beyond our inability to part with certain things. This is something we are all guilty of on some level. Taking some time to clear out the garage is a great idea and it will open up some space for you to put things should you start to pack early (this is also a great idea). A fresh coat of white paint does wonders!

Cleanliness and organization cannot be stressed enough. It will be up to the buyer to create their own special space if they purchase the home. Do not try to create one for them. This can alienate certain buyers and make them feel uncomfortable and you need your home to appeal to as many people as possible. Instead, simplify the interior spaces by removing as many items as possible. Go for the "staged" look.